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Personalised communication builds meaningful relationships that helps maximise customer lifetime value

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Our Process: CRM is evolving

Optimising the user journey

Structured testing

Well planned tests can be rolled out on a bigger scale.

Triggers to build automation

Well designed triggered journeys typically outperform standard email campaigns. We hunt out new triggers every week.

Dynamic personalisation

Liquid code gives more advanced customisation based on user behaviour.

Constant template improvement

We don’t sit still, and neither do our templates. Our integrated teams have insights from media, on-site and email to improve user experience.

What makes us Helium?

You won’t need to ask many questions because we’ll always keep you in the loop. Get dedicated Slack channel where you can reach our expert team 24/7. Plus, choose to receive reports whenever you want – monthly, weekly, or even daily, based on what suits you best.

With data science at the core of our decision making process allowing us to make make better decisions, faster. We escape ‘analysis paralysis’ and activate your data and scale your business, now.

Braze, Salesforce, Zoho and

We know one element of performance marketing is not enough to realise your goals. We blend, PPC, SEO, CRO & Web Development to guarantee a seamless and secure marketing funnel to put you at the intersection of high volume and high efficiency.

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We don’t do middle-men. Get directly in touch with a CRM expert to talk about how we can support your business.