PPC Ads that raise your ROAS

Your investment in media will work harder with an integrated strategic approach across search, social, video, display and programmatic.

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Our process for progress

Reach your customers at the right moment, in the right place, for the right return

Paid Search

Reach highly motivated customers that have a clear intent – making them valuable targets.

Google Shopping

Show highly motivated customers the most important information & imagery at the very top of the SERP.


Put your brand in front of customers at every stage of the funnel to build brand awareness and attract new customers.


Build engagement & reach by placing your brand seamlessly alongside organic content users love to watch.


YT Shorts are like TikTok 2/3 years ago – convert customers with lower competition, higher ROI campaigns.


Automated algorithms put your brand in the right placement in the right at right time to – making your spend more efficient.


A powerhouse in B2B marketing, LinkedIn targets specific industries & roles to maximise marketing performance.


CTV offers smarter measurement and more control over who sees your ads and how often compared with linear TV.

What makes us Helium?

You won’t need to ask many questions because we’ll always keep you in the loop. Get dedicated Slack channel where you can reach our expert team 24/7. Plus, choose to receive reports whenever you want – monthly, weekly, or even daily, based on what suits you best.

With data science at the core of our decision making process allowing us to make make better decisions, faster. We escape ‘analysis paralysis’ and activate your data and scale your business, now.

We don’t just do Google Ads – We give your entire funnel’s CVR a facelift.

PPC ads sell clicks, but at Helium we know the entire digital customer experience needs to be connected to sell products & drive leads. By customising your funnels, advertorials, and landing pages to resonate with your campaign’s messaging, we tailor the customer journey to different levels of awareness and intent, increasing CVR and delivering more revenue.

We know one element of performance marketing is not enough to realise your goals. We blend, PPC, SEO, CRO & Web Development to guarantee a seamless and secure marketing funnel to put you at the intersection of high volume and high efficiency.

How we doubled RED Driving School’s lead volume

A key areas of RED’s business is training new driving instructors. Through a combination of advanced paid search, SEO, display and Facebook we have successfully doubled RED’s inbound enquiries to train to become a driving instructor whilst keeping the cost per enquiry level.

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