Increasing trainee instructor lead volumes through paid search.

RED are the most reviewed driving school in the UK with over 1,600 instructor’s on the road. A key areas of RED’s business is training new driving instructors. Through a combination of advanced paid search, SEO, display and Facebook we have successfully doubled RED’s inbound enquiries to train to become a driving instructor whilst keeping the cost per enquiry level.

RED Driving School


Since covid-19, the backlog of test availability has created a bottleneck in the industry, leading to an imbalance of learners to instructors. RED Driving School needed to bolster their fleet of driving instructors to match the demand and help more learners to pass their test.

Our Approach

The search terms used by potential driving instructors are very similar to how a learner would search. These small nuances are not understood by the Google algorithm and therefore needed thorough keyword strategies and negative keyword audits.

  • We’ve developed exhaustive negative keyword lists to ensure our message perfectly matches the users query. This, alongside ad copy testing, helped increase CTR from ~5% to ~11%.
  • We created valuable content for potential driving instructors to help us reach users further up the funnel. We were then able to engage with users throughout the long process of deciding on a career change.
  • Highly targeted display and Meta campaigns allow us to repeat USPs to users whilst they consider their options and ultimately cement RED as the No.1 provider of instructor training in users minds.


105% increase in lead volumes at the same cost per lead.

The team has a deep understanding of our business which means that their contribution to the ongoing growth and success at RED Driver Training goes well beyond what may be expected from an “ordinary agency”. Their expertise and dedication is of course assured, but what’s been most impressive is their “can-do” and flexible approach which has paid dividends.

Andy Mitchell
Chief Commercial Officer | RED Driving School

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