Increasing on-site conversion rate.

Shake Shack were looking to grow their delivery revenue with increased digital presence. Budget optimisation and ad testing helped us increase the quality of traffic coming through paid ads and increase the delivery engagement by over 50%.

Shake Shack


Shake Shack were looking to increase the number of visitors who went on to order delivery after landing on the site through paid ads.

Our Approach

We looked at the whole user journey from ad to landing page to understand how different types of visitors were behaving and interacting with the site. This analysis helped develop potential A/B tests on both the ad account setup and landing page layout.

  • Hyper local geo fencing to ensure users are within delivery distances and have a positive user experience from ad to landing page to Deliveroo.
  • Ensuring the landing pages had clear CTAs above the fold and simple design helped increased conv rate by over 90% resulting in more users making it to Deliveroo.


The number of visitors engaging with delivery options increased by 53%.

Working with Rich has been fantastic on a magnitude of levels.

He’s proactive, has clear goals and demystifies the wonderful world of SEO and performance digital marketing; he’s also very calm and a good listener to the challenges we as a business face and helps to navigate the landscape seamlessly.

Amy Lau
Head of Marketing | Shake Shack

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